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Welcome to Tiny Tapas, a minimalist yoga studio designed to keep you on your mat! 

Explore & strengthen your yoga practice in a cost friendly way.


small studio

powerful practice

affordable af (awesome fun...)

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Tiny Tapas is a simple studio space inclusive to all body shapes, skin tones, and ages. Our community values creating accessible and fair priced yoga to anyone ready to flow.


Tapas is the conscious effort to achieve consistent self-discipline of the mind, body, & spirit. By tapas, the yogi develops strength in the body, mind, and character to gain courage, wisdom, integrity, and straightforwardness. Carrying out tapas on the mat encourages you to keep showing up to practice even if it is difficult, hard, or you're exhausted. The work is to stay committed & connected to strengthening yourself from the inside out. 

 Joining the Tiny Tapas yoga community will help you build a consistent practice through personal empowerment & keeping studio costs the lowest in the city! Check out our offerings to see what fits your schedule and asana needs.


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get your feet wet 

Not sure it’s your thing?  Try and decide with our intro offer to see for yourself!

meet your instructor

Chara holds a 200-hour yoga teacher certification, is registered with the Yoga Alliance, and loves power vinyasa yoga. Chara has incredible passion for teaching yoga and being in the experience of helping others nurture their yoga journey. By no means is she a guru of all yoga knowledge, or can land every pose perfectly, but she is a teacher that will show up with respect, inclusivity, and partnership to support your practice. Get ready for a transformational practice together once you join a class!

book your class at least 1 hour in advance

bring your mat &

 props or borrow one at check in

come back as soon as you can

peek inside 

see what is waiting for you at the studio

"start before you're ready. don't prepare, begin." - mel robbins

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